Computer Applications for Paralegals

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We are pleased to contribute to the education of the Canadian legal community with this new resource for Paralegals.  Computer Applications for Paralegals: Using MS Office Suite and Windows to Prepare Professional Documentation was written by Barb Asselin, former Law Clerk and current faculty member at Algonquin College’s Ottawa campus.Click here to download a free sample of this textbook, which includes the complete Table of Contents and Chapters 1 and 2.

This textbook contains instruction on the following topics:

  • Basic law firm configuration, including a chart of all lawyers and staff members, for use within the textbook
  • Physical and electronic file management
  • MS Outlook, including the calendar, contacts, and tasks functions
  • MS PowerPoint, including the following features: slide layouts, design, text, customizing bullets, headers and footers, adding content, transitions, animations, formats, viewing, and printing
  • MS Excel, including the following features: creating a spreadsheet, adding data, formatting, formulas, charts, statistics and other functions, and pivot tables
  • MS Word, including the following features: correspondence, merging, memos, facsimiles, reports, styles, templates, tables, and a variety of editing techniques
  • Combining software by imbedding documents from one application into documents from another application, and
  • Specific learning outcomes, detailed hands-on instruction with multiple images, a variety of exercises, and summary for each chapter.

Note that the Paralegal version of this textbook will include exercises and examples that focus on areas of law generally practiced by Paralegals.

BONUS:  Each copy of this textbook contains access to a private webpage that includes the following:

  • video tutorials for each chapter
  • practice exercise documents for each chapter, and
  • a variety of precedents for use with the available exercises

There are two ways to order Computer Applications for Paralegals:

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  2. Email for the educational institution discounted rate of $80.00 each.