Municipal Directory

3D2016 Ontario Municipal & Real Estate Directory – Now Available

It’s back!  New size.  New format.  New look.Completely updated research.The 2016 edition of this 480-page directory is now available (allow 3-4 weeks for shipping).  Only 400 copies of the directory will be published.  Order your copy today – only $72 plus shipping and handling.

This resource contains the following information:

  • a comprehensive list of all municipal amalgamations in the Province of Ontario;
  • one page devoted to each municipality in the Province of Ontario including the address, phone, fax, and applicable fee for all of the following: tax arrears, zoning compliance reports, municipal subdivision compliance, county office, hydro arrears, hydro unregistered easements, hydro work orders, water arrears, septic file searches, water well records, water potability certificates, gas arrears, registry office, and sheriff’s office;
  • a listing of all Registry Offices, Gas Authorities, Hydro Authorities and Conservation Authorities in the Province of Ontario, including address, phone number, fax number, and applicable fee;
  • website and email address for each municipality; and
  • a geographic compilation of each Region, County and District in the Province of Ontario, together with all municipalities contained in each.
  • BONUS!  The 2016 edition contains a bonus web page with links to each municipality’s website PLUS all online compliance forms!

There are two ways to order your copy of this directory:

  1. Click on the PayPal link below to purchase online and a copy will be shipped to your office on July 1st (allow 3-4 weeks for shipping), or
  2. Complete this order form and mail to our office with your firm’s cheque.  A copy will be shipped to your office once it is received (allow 3-4 weeks for shipping).