Smartphone with text and stack of color booksIf you are new to the writing and publishing world and are looking for some helpful tools, or if you are struggling to publish or sell more books, these are some of the tools we use or have used on a regular basis:

6-Figure Kindle Club

This club is hosted on Facebook and was the catalyst for our Amazon publishing efforts.  The host, Emran Saiyed, is truly a pioneer in Kindle publishing.  He provides a framework of videos to help you publish as well as ongoing videos on “hot topics areas” to publish in.  He is very hands-on in the group and provides daily inspiration and advice on members’ books.  The members themselves are a close-knit group of people who never hesitate to help each other out with a problem.

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This software is a must-have for researching hot topics to write about.  If you are determined to write a bestseller, this software will help you.  We use it on a daily basis to:

  • check the status of our existing book
  • track the rankings of books we are interested in, and
  • to research specific niches to ensure there is a sufficient market for more books to be published.

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KDROI is the “sister” product of KindleSpy, also created by my friend, Wesley Atkins and is fantastic for promoting your free book promos.  It literally takes just 2 minutes per book and increases downloads (and Amazon rankings) a great deal.  A must have for kindle publishers.

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Kindle Samurai

This software is another must-have if you don’t want to spend hours searching for the right keywords for your books.  Each book is permitted seven keywords in the Amazon dashboard and having the right keywords can make the difference between selling 1 or 2 books a day, or selling 10 to 20 books a day.

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Kinstant Formatter

This online application can help you format your book so that it is ready to be published on Amazon and sold as a digital Kindle book.  If you are not confident in your book formatting skills, like creating a table of contents, this product will really help you get your manuscript ready to upload in the least amount of time possible.

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Books That Sell

Books That Sell is a great course created by fellow publisher, Derek Doepker.  When we bought it, we were skeptical about how much we could learn, since we had already published a number of bestselling books.  However, Derek gave such great advice, and specifically, awesome publishing formulas, that we changed the way we conceptualized and built our books from that point forward.

Click here to check out Books That Sell and make sure your books are bestsellers out of the gate.

Web Hosting

All of our websites are hosted with BlueHost. We tried them out with one site and loved them so much we transferred all of our sites to them.  The two biggest reasons we switched to BlueHost were:

  • Price – they were a quarter of the price we were paying elsewhere, and
  • Customer Service – they have an online chat that allows you to get service immediately on your questions, which is invaluable!

If you are interested in trying them out, just click on the graphic below: